Thursday, January 17, 2008

I can see clearly now, the crack is gone...

What a day! I worked 8am to 12pm, had lunch and a great conversation with friends, went to the dentist and eye doctor, went shopping, and got a new windshield put in my car. Expensive, but it's good news all around. All of those things were covered by various bits of insurance, and my parents picked up the deductible on the windshield.

No day involving a trip to the dentist is a good one in my book. My blood pressure was up a bit from usual, 130/85 instead of the usual 110/80. I don't have bad teeth or anything--not even close! I have had very few cavities (all from braces), and while flossing isn't high on my list of fun things to do, I take good care of my teeth. My dentist was pleased, and I left his place of torture with my teeth intact. I can't say as much for the skin on his fingers. :D

Then, shopping! I am not one to browse, but in an effort to buy blue jeans, I tried on a couple pairs at Sears. When I realized that I'd have to buy two full sizes bigger than what I usually buy, I threw the pants on the floor and stormed out of the fitting room. What the heck is this stretch-denim trend? Can't I find a pair of straight-leg or boot-cut jeans that don't have stretch in them? What about slightly lower-rise and not tight to my thighs? OH! and jeans that don't create a six-inch gap between the waistband and my lower back... that'd be nice. SHEESH! Back to my 501's...

Next, the eye doctor. Great news: my left eye's prescription didn't change in two years! AND since my right eye got worse by one prescription strength, my eyes are the same for the first time ever. This means I can open any contact case and put that contact in either eye and I don't have to worry about which one goes where anymore. YAY! I also ordered new glasses that seem like they'll work well. Even better: my vision plan is awesome enough that my entire exam and full cost of my lenses and frames will be covered by insurance. I'll end up paying $120 for contacts for the year, which Mom has offered to cover. THANKS MOM!

The eye doctor and I were talking about my eye health. He mentioned, after much examination (more than usual), that my eyes are not shaped like someone with such pronounced nearsightedness. My eyes are healthier with daily contact wear than most people's eyes without contacts. This is great news, and a comfort to know.

Lastly, my windshield: "I can see clearly now, the crack is gone..." The tinting at the top is better than in the old windshield, and the glass has no dents, scratches, or cracks. I don't know if Mom did this, or if the glass company added it, but somehow I ended up with new windshield wiper blades on top of everything else. They're low-profile and ultra smooth. I can't wait for some more of that beautiful Oregon rain.

My teeth are great, my vision is better than ever, and my car is fixed. I could not be happier or feel more thankful for such blessings. Okay, new jeans would have been welcome, but seriously, seeing pine needles on trees at half a mile while driving down the road... :)

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Anonymous said...

*I can see cleeeeearly now the raaain is gone! Do, do, do, do! Do, do, do, do! I can see aaaaall obstacles in my waaaay... Gone is the daaaarkness that had me blind... It's gonna be a briiiiiight, briiiiiiiight, bright sun-shiny daaaay!*

Just for you, sis! :D