Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I'm Churchless, Not Godless

My apartment complex responded to my poltergeisted smoke detector by installing a brand new one. I'm hoping this one isn't wonky as well. One thing you have to give my managers credit for: when they fix something, they do a good job. I really appreciate that (and I do pay for it through insane rent as well).

In other news, I'm taking a break from my religious quest in order to let some things settle in. I can only remember so much for so long, and now I need to think about things for a while. The quest is not to find a church or group or find a label with which to brand myself: I'm only in this for the knowledge. Most people have pegged me wrong in that regard, and I want to be clear about it. I'm churchless, not godless.

I spent half an hour on the phone today making an insurance claim for a cracked windshield. Several years ago, my Mom put a rock chip in the windshield, and now it finally decided to crack. What started two weeks ago as a half-inch slit has now become an eight-inch jagged line. My insurance deductible on it will be $100, which isn't bad, but still... my first cracked windshield. My poor car! I love that car...

Nevermind that making the insurance claim took four phone calls, five different people, and a very large headache. Why does it have to be so dang hard?


Anonymous said...

Could be worse, my deductible is 500, and yesterday some one decided to hit my truck and completly rip the driver side mirror off, No note what so ever, and the best part of it all, I was parked in front of the POLICE STATION!

Ohh and I actualy think that what you are doing with religion is a very good thing, try and learn as much about it as possible, Look at all sides, dont fall in to labels etc...

And once again thank you I enjoy reading your web site.

Jaggy said...

Anonymous: thanks for the comment! I can't believe someone hit your truck and didn't leave a note--that's terrible! $500 is a lot of money. :( I hope you are able to fit that into your budget, empathize with your situation, and wish I could knock some sense into your hit-and-run idiot. Unacceptable all around!

Thanks for your support, both with my situation and as a reader.