Tuesday, January 22, 2008

McDowell Creek Falls: Mid-Winter

Yesterday was amazing! I spent the morning with my grandmother and then later with Mom. Around noon, I went hiking out at McDowell Creek Park with Rachel, and Mom took me out to dinner in the early evening. I had the luxury of fantastic conversations with three strong women, three huge influences in my life. They keep me grounded and strong, and they provide comfort even when I don't ask for it.

Even though it was very, very cold out at the park, Rachel and I had fun tromping through the forest like we were in middle school again. Ten years later, we still act the same. No pretenses or worrying about saying the wrong thing... I don't have to fear that I'll offend her by stating my opinion. When I'm asked to identify what traits make up friendship for me, that intangible quality of unconditional love is what I enjoy most. That is what I share with my three or four best, best friends.

The first picture is of McDowell Creek Falls. The picture was hard to take since I had to stand on an icy wooden platform with frozen spray flying at me. It was literally freezing, and falling into the creek wasn't high on my list of 'fun things to do.'

Under the bridge nearest the middle parking lot, the water shallows and streams quickly over the flat, smooth river rocks. Last summer, this spot had a mere trickle running down the far side.

Just downstream of McDowell Creek Falls, the spray had frozen on the rocks. I was shivering too badly to get a perfect picture... this was the best of five.

I love this park.

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