Monday, January 14, 2008

Off to Church!

I would be amiss in all that is the spirit of my blog if I did not include the events of last night: I went to church! I have been on a quest for religious knowledge lately, and one of my friends invited me to go with him to his church service. He is the first person in five years to ask me to go... something I expected people to do many times, but no one offered (which I still find hilariously un-Christian in itself, but that's me).

My friend asked me to join him earlier in the day, so I had time to tell a few people that I was going. I asked some friends what to expect, and they were neither helpful nor supportive. My own father didn't seem too crazy about the idea of me going to the service. I'm amazed how unsupportive people can be while saying, "have fun!" and "learn lots!"

While I don't have much church-going experience under my belt, I'm no stranger to prayer or thought. Walking into a Catholic church for the first time as an adult was quite an experience. I only knew one of the prayers (the last one, forget what it's called)... and I didn't know any of the songs. Still, I was never made to feel unwelcome or uncomfortable. That, in itself, is quite a milestone, and I'm thankful I put myself out there to have such an experience. I must also thank my friend for inviting me.

I don't know if I'll go back to the Catholic church. I'm not against that church by any means, and I am positive that all of what it is to be Catholic cannot be contained in one service. I'm trying to keep an open mind about religion without defining myself as this or that.

I think I was more taken aback by the overwhelming lack of support I received from my own friends and relatives than by anything I experienced at Mass. Not something I imagined. Not something I'm sure I'm okay with.

Last night left me with a few questions and many thoughts. Conversations with friends afterward also left me thinking. I will post more tomorrow. After even more thinking.


bollinger said...

ha i wasn't familiar with any of the songs either so you're ok there... the prayer is called the anima christi

Jaggy said...

HA! Thanks for the comment and for stopping by. I believe the prayer was The Lord's Prayer. Not uncommon in most churches, so it shouldn't be any surprise that I know it. :)