Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"Thankful" Doesn't Even Come Close

Amazing are the days when we realize how fortunate we are. Today was one of those days for me. I watched "August Rush" last night, a movie that reawakened my love of music. I'm not talented enough to play something I hear. Still, I play the notes and feel the keys and my heart is better. The movie left me wanting a real piano worse than ever, but I know I can't have one in my apartment. The movie also left me wanting a best friend to call my own, but that doesn't differ much from the status quo.

Tonight, I met my mother in Albany to exchange cars so she can drop mine off to get the windshield replaced tomorrow. My parents graciously offered to pay for the $100 deductible, and I couldn't be more thankful. For 24 hours, I'm the proud owner of a car far nicer than my own (Mom and Dad own both cars, but they let me call the older one "mine" for clarity in conversation). It's a pretty sweet car. I still miss the old one though... even if it does have a hurted windshield. :P

Mom also took me out to dinner, and we had a good conversation. My parents' generosity with family and friends still amazes me. They could be flat broke, and they'd still give until they were burning furniture for heat. Such awesome role models I've had.

And if that isn't enough, I'm about to go dancing. My sister is coming, too. I'm proud she's taken an interest in what [I hope] will be a fulfilling experience for her. I start teaching (or helping to teach) more dance lessons this weekend--YAY!

Life isn't perfect, but in this moment I'm feeling a sliver of that nirvana. I love and am loved, I have music and fire in my soul, I have crispy chicken tender salad my belly, and I'm going dancing. :)

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