Tuesday, January 08, 2008

You Can Run, But You Can't Hide Via RSS Feeds Anymore

If you're reading this post from an RSS feed, I have bad news: you're actually going to have to come to my blog from now on if you want to read the whole thing. Sure, you can make your IP invisible and sneak around so I can't track your stats individually, but now you have one more hoop to jump through. It's not that I don't want you to read my blog... I do want my stats to accurately reflect readership, especially returning visitors. I like it when you come back!

In other news, I'm on the mend already from this vicious cold. It came on quickly Sunday, and I was able to work today without much problem. I did wear out after a long walk at lunch, and I was dragging by 5pm, but now (an hour later), I'm up again and kickin'.

So, what haven't I posted about in the last few days? I didn't make any resolutions--I don't believe in them and have never made one. I watched two more Edward Norton films: Death to Smoochy and Fight Club. The former was good. I really like Norton as a comedic actor, and Smoochy is a film I could watch several times before getting bored. Of course, Robin Williams helped the movie considerably... in his insanity, there's some genius. Fight Club hasn't sat well with me, but I hope to watch the actor commentary track tonight and maybe gain some insight.

My homemade pizzas just buzzed, and I need to do about twenty things before I sit down again... I never realized all the little things adults do that take so much of their time. Holy crap.


PezzyDB said...

Fight Club didn't sit well with me either, but I've seen it 5 times now. Every time I see it I feel so angry afterwards...it's rare that a movie can have that kind of effect on me. I'd be interested what you think after watching it with commentary...I haven't heard that version myself.

Chris said...

now you have one more hoop to jump through


Have you tried the tracker in Feedburner? It does a good job tracking my RSS readership.

Jaggy said...

The actor's commentary to Fight Club is worth a listen. The movie makes more sense to me now, and I appreciate the camera work and short clips much more.

Chris: Thanks for the comment! I have little experience with Feedburner. I'll look into it.

paddy said...

Just found your blog and i'm loving it :)

i'm portuguese so hiey, you were read in portugal!