Sunday, February 10, 2008

Crafting: My Way of Life

Sometimes it's all I can do to keep this blog from turning into an all-out craft blog. Yesterday, I spent hours upon hours crafting, some of the time with a friend and a few hours by myself. We both made costumes (or pieces of costumes) for different dances. All of the accessories turned out surprisingly well.

I've dabbled in just about every craft and medium, though paper and needlecraft are still my strongest areas. I've used wood, glass, and metal, and I've sorted through beads, yarns, and huge scrapbooking supply warehouses.

On occasion, the outcome is pretty awesome, but more often than not, my finished product doesn't look like my original plan. Sometimes I don't have a plan. I'll sit down with some supplies and see what happens. That's my "art prayer" or meditation or whatever--I call it fun.

Living on my own and on a tight budget has afforded (or not!) me the opportunity to create something out of nothing. My curtains are all bedsheets, and my couch pillows are hand-stitched cases from sheet remnants. My wall decorations are all of my own photography, and I folded the origami bells over my kitchen sink. I have a couple paintings hanging up from high school. Last weekend, I whipped out a table cloth from a fabric shower curtain--a $6 score that also merited me some fancy napkins.

The initial investment in a good sewing machine (a gift for Christmas), a source of cheap fabric, and a town with two--soon to be three--decent craft stores in close proximity really helps with textile crafts. Additionally, I try to only buy things on sale, and I am good at thinking outside the box on what supplies can double for other things.

Crafty as I am, there is no way I'll ever resign myself to calling a pipe cleaner a "chenille stem." It's a pipe cleaner. PIPE CLEANER!

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Anonymous said...

Your pirate costume for the Dance I thought turned out really well, even if you said the performance aspect had a few thing to be desired, It was very creative and well done