Thursday, February 07, 2008

Dancing Therapy

I had a bad day at work yesterday. I was pissed. I vented and fumed and steamed all evening. Then I went dancing. Whether it was the song or the partner or my dedication to the dance, I had a beautiful waltz. I sat down afterward and leaned over to my friend to say, "sometimes when I'm waltzing I feel like I'm flying." Cheezy, sure, and the word choice is anything but poetic. It's so true though. When I'm needing to dance, a waltz will cure whatever ails me.

Or so I thought.

Later, I had the giggly-est Lindy Hop ever. We were making moves up, and I was attempting to follow things I'd never learned--let alone seen. At one point, I could hardly stand up because I was laughing so hard! A good Lindy will make me very, very happy.

But THEN...

I had one of the most fantastic West Coast Swing dances with a great lead. I wasn't counting, worrying about footwork, or trying to look good. My mind was completely in the music, lost to the syncopated rhythm and feel of my partner's hands on mine. I felt as if the floor had turned to ice and I was sliding over it effortlessly. Turning right, left, right, and back, forth through the slot, a whip, a pass, a turn.

Let's just say I had a great time dancing last night. Swoonfully good. :)

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