Thursday, February 28, 2008

Folding clothes is not like folding paper...

I'm not much of a folder. My clothes... mostly... not folded. Also, they're surprisingly unwrinkled. Oh, and I'm a girl. Who's not lazy. Go figure!

Socks: not folded. Matched up, laid flat, but since they're ankle-length anyway, they just get stacked in matching pairs. No folding.
Undies and bras: not folded. not even close to folded. who cares?!
Pants: folded in half, then hung.
T-shirts: okay, those get folded in half lengthwise, quartered, and the sleeves folded across on top... this takes the longest of all of my folding.
All collared shirts and dance shirts are hung on hangers - never wire - and are ironed if necessary.
Dresses, coats, etc. are hung as well.

What else is there? hmmm... I fold my towels and other linens, but the kitchen and bathroom hand towels are just hanging there on the bar unfolded. They dry hands better unfolded.

My blankets are mostly folded and put away neatly under my bed in large storage boxes, with one exception: my blue and red down throw. That thing is either on the couch in a heap, over the back of my desk chair, or on the bed and probably not neat. I pretty much don't care.

But I do care.

It either does get folded or it doesn't. I'm so weird.

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