Thursday, February 14, 2008

I blame the car for the bad parking job.

Parking shouldn't be this complicated. I'm not a bad driver... I promise!

My apartment complex has covered assigned parking, so I always get the same perfect spot. This is wonderful! I don't mind paying a little extra knowing that I don't have to worry about how far I have to park from my front door. The distance is always the same. Great feature!

But my parking spot and I don't seem to get along sometimes. On one side, I have to contend with a support post. I don't think the structure would collapse if I accidentally took the post out, but I don't feel like testing the water. On the other side of my parking space is Mr. Long Truck. I don't know how he wraps himself into that spot so effortlessly, but I know that he's a pain in the ass for me to wrap my car around and not take out the post on the other side.

I'm pretty good at parking and turning to the right into my spot, but that left-hand turn getting around the long end of the truck is difficult. I don't know why! From direction A, one try every time. From direction B... I could take five or six stabs at parking before I got myself between the lines. I'm a good driver, too! I really am!

My friends laugh at me. They think it's all mental. Maybe it is. I have a parking situation... myself.

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