Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I bought a plant... I must be turning into an adult.

Six minutes left to write before I force myself into bed. I can't keep staying up late like I have been, mind absorbed in a book, body resting underneath a preheated electric blanket...

I'm working hard on keeping stress to a minimum lately. Worrying about so many things isn't helping anything, so I'm just not going to worry. I bought a little tabletop fountain and a green plant this weekend. So far I've just had to go to the bathroom more.

I swore I wouldn't get any house plants. Mom's dozens of African Violets cured me of ever wanting something green, growing, and dying in my house... but I felt like I needed something green. I bought a "lucky bamboo" plant (which isn't bamboo at all--it's part of the lily family). It sits on my kitchen pass-through window ledge looking into the dining room. I'll probably forget to water it and kill it. I wonder if I can eat it...

Speaking of eating, I've been cooking lots of potatoes lately. They're kinda fun to cook with. They're also cheap, nutritious, and taste great with ketchup. Yeah. I'm that kind of person. I murder potatoes and meat with ketchup.

Whatever. As long as it isn't mustard.

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