Saturday, February 23, 2008

I Grew Up via Television. Seriously.

To say that I've watched a lot of TV would be a horrible understatement. I was thinking about it this last week, and I've come to a scary realization: I have seen every (or darn near every) episode of the following shows (in no particular order, except JAG, duh)...

Diagnosis Murder
Early Edition
Baywatch Hawaii
Body of Evidence
(the one with George Clooney)
Walker, Texas Ranger
Sons of Thunder
Kids, Inc.
Brothers & Sisters
The Unit
Saved by the Bell
Invader Zim
Growing Pains
Full House
Family Matters
Boy Meets World
Gene Simmon's Family Jewels
3rd Rock from the Sun
Melrose Place
The Riches
America's Next Top Model

And those are just the "every episode" shows. That list doesn't include the shows I've seen "more than half" or "many" episodes! My list would be soooooooooooooo long...

Nor does the list include miniseries, movies, or other films.

You might be thinking that I need to get out more. I won't disagree, but I might add that I also had the time to complete high school and college, work, and take up ballroom and swing dancing... I'm not a couch-potato. While I'm watching TV, I'm often crafting, creating, or simply playing with Legos. And I think all that TV enlightened me a little. Yeah. Especially JAG, ER, and Mythbusters.

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