Monday, February 11, 2008

In Which Grandma Finds my Blog

Yesterday was the most successful day on my blog thanks to Grandma. Apparently my aunt told her I have a blog, and Grandma must have been bored, because my stat counter says she sat for four hours reading and reading and reading. She called me later and informed me (which is how I know it was her).

I never expected family to read my blog. Both my sister and my mom read it, but that's all I knew about. I write for a slightly different audience than family, but I don't care if anyone reads my blog. I stand by what I say. I wouldn't write it if it weren't true, or at least my own biased view of things.

So Grandma's new to the world of blogging. Hi Grandma! What bits of info can I give a new reader? The "Posts of Note" section are blog posts I find especially unique or important about me. They were updated this weekend, and I hope they are an accurate picture of me as a person and blogger. The "Places I Visit" section is a list of other websites and blogs I read daily or weekly. They interest me, so they might interest you. The "Profile Thingy" is self-explanatory... I hope... and the "Blog Archive" is a list of older posts in reverse chronological order. The "Filed Under" section is pretty cool: I label each post into a series of categories. If you want to read all about my dance life, click on "Dancing." Or, if you'd rather look at the posts with pictures, click "Pictures." Same thing with "Movies."

The "I Dance" section is an invention of my own. I have links to informational pages (the "W's"), links to movies (any M), and links to movies of ME dancing (click on the few that say "ME"). Below all the text on the left-hand sidebar, there is a little blue number. At the moment, it reads 69395. That tells you how many people have visited my blog. Below that, I have a link to ORblogs and a link to Technorati. Both of those websites help other people find my blog easier. Lastly, the little frog guy and the count is from You can follow along as I find each Geocache and watch that number increase!

If you like what you read, click on the "Musings" at the bottom of every post. A new window will appear, and you can type in a short note for me. You can write to me anonymously. If someone else has commented, you can also read their comments when the window pops up. I take criticism and suggestions, and I welcome open and honest conversation.

Beyond that, it's a blog. Read it. Or don't. I hope you're entertained, at least for a moment.

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