Sunday, February 03, 2008

Making Cents

I'm disowning my own generation. They don't know how to count change. They might know what a quarter is and how much it's worth, but if you had them $5, they'll punch it into the cash register before realizing how much to give back on a $4.79 purchase. So sad.

My generation ought to be known as the Metal Generation. We all have Gold, Silver, and Platinum credit cards. Our debit cards glow warm from being swiped so many times. And our change literally burns holes in our pockets. Our grandparents were the savers, the depression-era waste-not, want-not-ers. Our lives have been easy, and we spend.

I walked into a store this morning and bought something for $2.39. I handed the store clerk a $5 bill and 40 cents. She wouldn't take my 40 cents. I was really excited I had change on me, and I was a bit perplexed why she didn't understand what I was doing. How hard would it have been to enter $5.40 into the register, see than she needed to give me $3.01, and fork over the money? Oh no, she had to turn the morning into a math lesson. Seriously.

My mother was a grocer, and she taught my sister and me how to count change as soon as we knew our numbers. Mom would occasionally give us change when we went shopping, and we'd have to count it out and know how much we had so that we could buy something. Our goal soon became finding something cool enough for cheap enough that we could maybe find two things. Usually candy... we were kids. :)

People my own age. Even people older than me. No sense about cents.


Dennis said...

I tend to put all my change in a jar, and when the jar is full, take it to the bank. It's like free money!


Dickey45 said...

It shouldn't be a surprise if you looked at the math programs they use in school.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

My wife is so down with you on this.

She's killer amazing accurate with quick math in the head. I'd trust her before I'd trust a calculator or cash regster.

Jaggy said...

It should be surprising? Excuse me? These are people my own age. I was in the same math classes as the kids who can't make change. The difference was that I had parents who helped me. The school was NOT the problem.

The Guy Who Writes This said...

You may also be surprised by how many of them can't read time on an analog clock.