Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Double Life (Mac vs. PC)

I live a double life. I have Windows Vista at home and a Mac at work. Each operating system has nice features, and I don't have a preference of one over the other. In other words, they suck equally.

With Vista, I've experienced both the dread' Blue Screen of Death a few times and the even worse Black Screen of Death (full melt-down). Between clicking "allow" or "cancel" six thousand times and having a five-to-ten-minute start-up, I also spend my time searching for files that aren't where I put them, waking screen savers that appear randomly, and rebooting to fix minor updates.

With the Mac, I am a Level One Grand Master with the spinning Beach Ball of Death. I can make that thing appear ten times a minute, no joking. The start-up time on a Mac is impressive, but my particular Mac likes to hide files and make them reappear like magic... for unknown lengths of time. While I'm not a professional graphic designer, I've managed to kill my Mac with Fireworks many, many times. Today, I had to do a full reboot after opening the calculator. Didn't do any math... just opened the application. Beach Ball of Death.

The Mac mouse is a story unto itself: one surface acting as two buttons. Unless you're on the very edgy-edge of the mouse, you might make the mysterious and eyebrow-raising "middle click of unknown operation." Like, if I click right in the middle of the right and left buttons, which one will operate first?! Left or right, left or right? Usually the one you didn't want to click is the one that works first. And the mouse isn't even ergonomic. It's shiny and makes my hand sweaty. Yuck!

I live a double life, a double life of waiting patiently impatiently whilst killing my computer inadvertently. It's not my fault! I just want a computer that doesn't die all the time! ARGH!

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Dennis said...

I've had a Mac for several months now, and rarely do I get the spinning beach ball of death - and even when I do, I can usually force-quit without crashing the system if necessary.

Certainly the Mac kicks my PC's ass when it comes to system-wide crashes.

As for the mouse.... I use a two-button USB mouse. I can't stand having one button. That's a bad design idea from Apple. Maybe they are simply being stubborn. Either way, it's lame.