Friday, February 15, 2008

A Productive Afternoon Away from the Office

My boss gave me the afternoon off today since things were slow and the weather was so nice. How cool is that?!? I have three days of personal leave, so I used four hours of it instead of vacation or sick leave. It's like free time off that I get paid for and don't have to use spend my other leave hours on! YAY! I put that four hours to good use too:

-Drove to Lebanon to my parents' house
-Vacuumed and wiped down the inside of my car
-Washed my car
-Touched up the paint on the hood and rear bumper
-Read five cookbooks for ideas
-Sorted through a pile of piano music
-Talked to Dad for a few minutes and saw his newest crafts
-Added oil to my car
-Bought gas
-Stopped to grab a pizza and say hi to my pizza-making sister
-Drove back to Corvallis
-Stopped at Fred Meyer, Bi-Mart, and Borders looking for a DVD
-Went to the video store to rent DVD that I couldn't buy
-Took a shower
-Cleaned my kitchen
-Changed my linens all over the house
-Baked pizza
-Had friends over for a movie night

Yeah, I think that's a productive afternoon and evening. My car is clean and happy, and I'm clean, full, and happy. And I got paid for all of it. Awesomeness. Now... sleep! Because it's a Friday night and I'm tired. And I have two whole days of freedom from chores now! :D

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