Monday, February 18, 2008

Stretching Helps me Sleep

Stretching has been added to my before-bed rituals. Seems silly, right? I have been sleeping much more soundly lately, and stretching been a great five minutes of help. I've always slept well, rarely waking up before 6am. I know my body has changed in the last two or three years, and while I'm still sleeping, I find myself waking up more often. Not what I wanted.

I don't stretch everything every night, but I make an effort to stretch out my back and shoulders really well, and sometimes I focus on my legs, too. Some nights I forget entirely, or else I'm too tired and just want to crawl under my electric blanket and sleep immediately (though I don't get to sleep for twenty minutes or more sometimes). Other nights I'll take fifteen minutes and stretch everything down to my fingertips.

Not sure if my coordination is improving any, though... maybe stretching is helping me sleep, but it sure isn't making me more graceful.

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