Saturday, March 08, 2008

For not having a plan, I got a lot done!

I have been ultra-productive considering I started this weekend with no plans. From 8am today until now, just before 8pm, I:
-Drove to Lebanon
-Got gas for my car
-Went to the bank
-Paid some bills
-Went to Bi-Mart
-Drove to Albany
-Visited Grandma and my uncle
-Drove to "Joe's" (it's G.I. Joes, c'mon now!)
-Bought new shoes on a major sale
-Went out to lunch with my parents
-Drove to Costco
-Drove to another store
-Took a nap in the car while my parents shopped
-Drove back to Lebanon
-Helped Dad change the oil in my car
-Helped Dad fix the antenna in my car (and by "fix" I mean "disable")
-Paid Mom for my cell phone bill
-Drove back to Corvallis
-Made dinner
-Started a movie

I'm exhausted, and I think I'm getting sick. I've had that funky sore throat thing happening for about twenty four hours now, and I'm not happy about it. Since that tea stuff isn't my favorite, I opted for some hot spiced cider tonight (no sugar, lots of flavor, and way better tasting, plus vitamin C--a total winner!). Mom got some toaster biscuits at Costco for me, and one of those is just perfect with my cider and a movie.

Tomorrow's goal: balancing my checkbook. But since I lose an hour of my day, I vote I shouldn't have to go into work until 9am on Monday. Right? Right?!

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