Monday, March 10, 2008

Getting Down, Getting Up

I admit, sometimes I get a little down on myself. I don't like to feel depressed, but it happens. I worry too much, think too hard about things, and lament over my constant ineptitude at this whole "adult" thing. When I get down, I have my usual list of things to do that make me feel better:

-quality piano time. I love to play, and when I'm playing the songs I love, I generally feel better.
-a favorite movie. They recharge me, but only if I'm in the right mood.
-the Get Fuzzy and Pearls Before Swine comic strips. Because Bucky and Pig make everything better. Unless they mess everything up... then it's hilarious!
-talking to family or close friends, hoping they convince me I'm not that bad.
-creating something, be it a craft or a pot of soup. I love creating. I'm good at it. Most of the time...
-Kevin James, Hal Sparks, Bill Cosby, Bill Engvall... comedians I can't resist.
-And JEFF DUNHAM! I cannot possibly be in a bad mood after watching his comedy. Click on his name and watch his show. You won't regret it.

(Warning: Jeff's comedy isn't suitable for young children or those who dislike swearing, sexual innuendo, or political satire. Yes, he is a ventriloquist and uses puppets, but they're not kid-friendly puppets. They're awesome for me though!)

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