Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Learning Adult Stuff

I'm not used to this whole "being an adult" thing yet. I mean, I'm almost halfway through my twenties, and I still don't have a clue what the right thing to do is sometimes.

To me, one of the greater challenges has been learning why I do things. Do I always put myself first and try to bend every result to benefit myself? Do I always put others first and try to make everyone happy? Do I constantly seek a middle ground and end up making everyone mad? And when is it okay to put yourself first? When is it not selfish to say, "I need a break, I need to take some time for me"?

How do you tell someone that you don't approve of what they're doing, even though it's not your decision and you don't really have a say in the matter? How do you "lead by example" when you want someone to do the opposite?

I don't know why I do things, but I'm getting better at looking at the whole picture and deciding on the best outcome. I'm trying to see things from every angle. I hope that others are content with my decisions. That kind of thinking, the long-range thought that seeks to understand more than immediately gratify, to me, that's what makes an adult an "adult." I'm learning, and I'm getting closer.

Being an adult means doing things you don't want to sometimes. I don't always want to be an adult... but I'd rather not get my way and understand why than step on toes without remorse.

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Payne by name said...

Stumbled across your blog whilst trawling the internet for a selection of ice breaking questions (150) for a job we are working on for a client.

It's strange where the internet can take you. Had a quick gander round your blog and it looks warm, friendly and interesting.

I've added it to my favourites so I can have a further gander when I get some more time.

Have a good weekend.