Monday, March 24, 2008

Night Geocaching is Amazing

Easter dawned quietly for me, and I got up and "went to church." The Catholic Church's daily readings are available online in both written and podcast form. Some would call it cheating to attend that way (I'm sure you do, and I don't care). When I can't participate in the Eucharist anyway, don't know the songs, and don't know anyone at the local church, it's about the same for me.

From that point, my day was sloooooooooooow. I ate, snoozed, watched movies, cleaned a little, and tried to keep from going bonkers. Around 7pm, I realized one of my friends was still in town, so I invited him over. We decided to go for a walk around my neighborhood, and on that walk, we started talking about Geocaching.

I'd never gone 'caching in the dark before, and I'm rarely one to go completely paperless. But... we did! I found my GPS, plugged in the coord's and off we went. We were about a block from my apartment when we hit a forested area (which doesn't really narrow it down in Corvallis, sorry). Still, car headlights would find us occasionally, and we stayed low to the ground as much as possible. At one point, we were treading on the edge of private property as we shimmied down to a 'cache. Houses were lit up all around us, but with our flashlights off, we were ghosts. It was really, really cool. We didn't encounter anything that goes bump in the night, and we did end up finding one of the two geocaches we went after, so the night was really fun. An hour, lots of mud, and tons of laughter later, we wandered home. Great adventure, and a fun time. YAY!

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