Saturday, March 01, 2008

So What if I Know What I Like?

Breaking news: I'm a picky eater! Not exactly something I didn't know already, but I'm glad so many other people find my food preferences to be a matter of ridicule or even gossip. Seriously, if you stoop to the point of discussing what foods I do and don't like with someone other than me, you're hurting for intellectual conversation.

Somehow I've managed to live my entire life on food I like. Obviously if my diet weren't diverse enough or was missing nutrients, then I'd be sick or dead. But I'm not. I'm healthy. Your comments, repetitive and obnoxious as they may be, don't actually encourage me to try new foods. I've tried a lot of weird food, and you should be able to take my word that I don't like something.

Sure, there is a difference between not liking a food and not wanting to eat it. I can't stand mustard, and while I will eat pears, they're definitely not my favorite. You probably like mustard and pears. That's fine. I don't mind. Eat them, please, right in front of me, and enjoy every bite. But don't get on my case for not liking or wanting to eat food.

Another thing I don't appreciate is when I ask someone what they put in the food I'm about to eat and they lie. Sometimes I just want to know what my food is for the sake of knowing. Sometimes I see something questionable and would like to know how it was cooked or what was done to it. I especially don't like it when I ask and am lied to. If you think you can hide a vegetable or spice in my food, you're wrong. Especially if I can see it. Don't lie to me about what you put in my food. Lying is not the way to keep me coming back for more.

I'm a picky eater. I like food cooked certain ways. I'm sure you like your food cooked certain ways, too. We don't have to agree. Food can be interesting because it can be eaten a variety of ways. I'm not picky with expensive taste, oh no. I'm thrifty, and I eat tons of grains and healthy soups and cook often for myself. If you follow the "no sauces, no fruit, no condiments" rule, you'll probably find something to cook for me.

The harping can stop, though. Breaking news: Jaggy hates mayonnaise! I'm over it. Move on.

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Payne by name said...

I'm kind of a picky eater. I eat crap stuff I admit but then I like to be able to know what I'm eating.

ie I'd rather eat the cheap ham which is the same colour rather than the more expensive stuff but where I can see the connective tissue!

On another note. I don't like mustard. So much so (or maybe what has led to it) because my dad would give me a teaspoon of it if I was naughty.