Friday, March 28, 2008

They came, we ate, we giggled.

And such is an adventure when the girls and I go out on the town. Rachel and Emily came into Corvallis tonight, and we celebrated Rachel's birthday with yummy food and bowling. Surprisingly, there was no drinking. Both girls had to renew their licenses recently, so they didn't have official ID (stupid paper copies don't get ya drinks, darn it).

Unfortunately, I don't always remember how awesome they are--how awesome we are--when we're together. If a person is valued by the company they keep, then I'm worth billions. Seriously, my face and stomach hurt from laughing so hard tonight.

I'd forgotten how it feels to be in a room with friends and be completely open and on. They are both the type of person that doesn't care where I've been or what I've done. Without question or reservation, they accepted me. Likewise, I can't find anything about either one of them that I'd change. We laugh and talk and call each other out, poke fun, rant and rave, and start all over. There's no talk of right or wrong, no worry about proper or perfect. I'm absolutely unbridled around them. Mostly, I'd forgotten how it feels to go through a night without censoring myself in some way. It felt incredible, like someone flipped a switch or something. I felt on. That's exactly what I needed.

Here's to intensely loyal friendships, unhesitating forgiveness, and laughing about it in the morning (and afternoon and evening...). Oh, and making cake.

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Anonymous said...

that's what real friends do. accept you for who you are. if you find people who can't do that for you, they aren't worthy of your time.

yay for emily and rachel!! :D