Wednesday, March 19, 2008

You Missed the Meat of my Point

Have you ever written a lengthy or deep blog post that you hoped would make people think about themselves or others in a new way only to find that they got stuck on some trivial point of your blog post and missed the meat? That happened to me yesterday. I wrote a great post about aging and how our perceptions of what "age" is changes as we grow up. Unfortunately, everyone got stuck on the part about how people called me "ma'am" instead of on the other stuff. Short of deleting comments and completely rewriting the post, I can't exactly un-do anything. By the way, I wouldn't do that. It's not blog-kosher.

Have you ever posted a picture or link that you thought was fantastic only to have people leave you obscure comments or send you random, completely unrelated links? That has happened to me several times, and while I won't complain about any comments, I have to say that I'm disappointed when I get those.

Have you ever had people tell you they think you're smart simply because you finished high school or college or some other advanced degree? I have. Coworkers at a previous job used to tell me all the time that they thought I was smart. No complaints, certainly not, but I'm not smart because I went to college. Very little of my college education served to make me more intelligent. I think being smart is more about having common sense and being able to make connections while paying attention. If you take something you already know and apply something new to it that makes sense, you aren't learning something new as much as changing the way you think about something. If you keep doing this, it will become easier and easier to understand the world around you. Then people will think you're smart. But you're really not. You just make sense of things. Unfortunately I haven't figured out how to take making sense into making cents...

Oh, and have you ever wanted people to stop reading your blog? I love readers, and I am keeping my blog public, but seriously, I'm not that interesting. Go outside or watch TV or read a book... unless you're my grandma, really, chill on someone else's page. I'm afraid I'll rot someone's brain around here.

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Amanda said...

:) I get where you're coming from (in response to the blogging issues). It's a great medium, but you can never guarantee that what you thought was the important bit of what you said is what your readers will absorb.
And yes, ever since coming to France I've wished that less people read my blog. Some people have come across the link and always reply, via email, to my posts and now I find myself censoring myself more than I'd like...who knew blog popularity came with so many strings? I'm glad that you're doing well with your adult life :) When I'm in Oregon this summer we should get coffee or something!