Monday, April 21, 2008

Apartment Woes (aka: What is that thumping noise?)

This is my first apartment. In college, I lived with my parents the first two years (and saved a ton of money by commuting), and then moved into a rented house for the second two years. After college, I moved home for sixteen months. Now, I find myself loving and hating apartment life.

The thumping is my least favorite part of apartment life. One of my attached neighbors has a subwoofer against the adjoining wall, and they like to play disco crap all night long. *whump whump thump-a-thump* over and over and over. I'm not kidding. DISCO. I'd complain, but it's not consistent, nor is it worth making someone mad about. Did I mention it's disco? Yeah.

The guy downstairs... well, let's just call him Mr. Guitar Hero. And he's not good either. Guitar Hero is a video game where the player pretends to play a plastic guitar by pressing on the "strings" (really, keys) and "strumming." The video game responds by letting you know if you're doing things correctly to play the song. If you hit enough keys and strum at the right times, you advance to the next song/level. I've seen people play, and I don't know a single song they were attempting, but the game didn't seem to take much musical talent. Mr. Guitar Hero downstairs must also be deaf, for his sound is way up, and his ability to match that sound with his little plastic guitar is... missing. It's just bad. But he's having fun, and he keeps it down on weeknights, so I don't bother him about it.

And the guy on another wall likes to vacuum often. That's fine! I like a man who keeps his house tidy. :) But this guy has a Kirby vacuum. It's L-O-U-D. My grandparents had a couple Kirby vacuums. They're fantastic vacuums, and they last forever. I'm not knockin' the vacuum here one bit. The sound, though, is unmistakable. You don't easily forget a Kirby's high-pitched whir. So I call him Mr. Kirby. Because he likes to vacuum. I wonder if he'll vacuum for me...

It's not all bad: I live alone, so I don't have to worry about anyone else messing with my stuff. I don't clean up after anyone but myself, and I don't have to feed anyone else. I know how everything works, how hot the shower settings are, and if the washer and dryer are free (in the apartment, oh yeah!). Apartment life is good... as long as the thumping stops.

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