Friday, April 25, 2008

The Boyfriend Chronicles: #5 (The One that Got Away)

He was totally into me, and I was totally into him, and neither of us knew it. So began a friendship and relationship that my life surely wouldn't be the same without.

Jeff and I met through a mutual friend. We met several times over a couple years without really remembering each other. In fact, I'm not sure I know when I realized his name was "Jeff" and that he was handsome and that I considered him as someone I could date...

Perhaps our first date was my first clue: he came over to watch a movie. Simple as that. Of course, we didn't stop with one movie... we ended up watching three movies in a row, late into the night. I couldn't work up the nerve to put my head on his shoulder, and I found out later that he was too scared to even put his arm around me. My roommates came out of their bedrooms to find us sitting in a dark living room watching the DVD screen saver on the TV because our movies were over and we were too lazy to turn either unit off. Just talking, mind you... we could talk for hours.

I think we became "official" about a week later. Our relationship was void of drama--a fact which both of us enjoyed immensely. We never fought, rarely disagreed, and occasionally picked on each other. I would be accurate in saying that he's as close to a perfect man as I've found. He can be romantic, sweet, side-splittingly funny, and compassionate. He can also be obnoxious, too critical of himself, and not so good on the dance floor. All things considered, however, he's amazing. I am fortunate that I got to know him, and I'm sure that someday he will make a woman very, very lucky.

We learned, though, that perhaps we weren't perfect for each other. Our lives were going in different directions, and we realized that. We both know now that we make better friends than partners. Though we broke up after only four months, I treasure him still. We're great friends, and I've talked about him several times on the blog. Life without him surely wouldn't be as interesting... If you'd like to know more about Jeff, type his name in the search bar at the top of this page.

Jeff: You knew your number would be coming up, and I could see the gears turning from this far away. I know you weren't worried about me saying something bad: I don't have a single bad thing to say about you. Thank you so much for the comments you leave here, for the support and love, and for each and every amazing hug. I miss you!

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Anonymous said...

You forgot to say that your Mother thought he was terrific!!!