Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dance Coma Sunday (aka the aftermath)

A weekend full of dancing indeed! I went to both the west coast dance on Friday and the ballroom dance on Saturday, and my legs are all tingly still from moving so much.

Friday night's dance was fun: not very many people were there, so the floor was more open to dance. I didn't improve any on my technique, but my social skills with a fresh crop of dancers got some exercise (yay!). I have a love-hate relationship with WCS dancing, and right now I'm leaning more toward the latter. The dance is fun, but I guess I just don't understand some of the mechanics or how to make it look good.

Last night's masquerade-themed ballroom dance was a lot of fun! I went a bit over my budget when I found a beautiful sheer white blouse at a new store in Corvallis that just happened to pair nicely with a long black skirt. A trip to the craft store proved fruitful with some mask decorations, and I spent a good part of yesterday afternoon hot-gluing silk flowers to a plastic mask and making a flower necklace. The mask was surprisingly comfortable! A trick I've learned is to put some thin foam inside the mask wherever it rubs on your skin (think: Foamies foam). Next time, though, I'm removing all of the mask under my nose. Nothing says icky like a mask full of condensation. As pretty as I think I looked (questionable?), there's something about dancing in a long skirt I don't like.

Now it's Sunday, though, and my body is rebelling to all of my dancing and activity. My knees and feet are sore, and the rest of me wants nothing to do with moving. I did make some soup (even spiced it with part of my finger) (there is no flesh in my soup, I promise), and I watched some TV I'd taped earlier in the week. Next up, maybe some cookies, but even that might be too ambitious. I'm just not feeling like going down my stairs. Such dancing often leads to an aftermath I like to call a "dance coma."

This, dear friends, is what I like to call a LAZY Sunday.

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