Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Dance in the Shower

In the way that some people love sleeping in or meditating or cooking elaborate meals, I love showers. Of course, I enjoy those other things too, but showers are my thing.

When I shower, I'm alone. Some of you might wonder, "Aren't all showers alone?" They don't have to be... and someone could conceivable be in the bathroom with me (if I didn't live alone). But I am even more alone. I'm not distracted by the computer or my electronic leash cell phone. I'm not thinking about instant messages or the TV. In the shower, I'm left to my own thoughts and nothing else.

The shower is warm and relaxing. Even my bed, with it's electric blanket and down comforters, isn't as warm. And in the summer, the cool water refreshes me as well. No couch, bed, or even plush carpeted floor can be as relaxing as a good shower.

It is my escape from the world, my ten minutes of solitude and quiet. I look forward to those few moments each day when I can strip off my clothes, remove myself if only for a while, and mentally collapse.

My friends make fun of me for being adamant about my evening showers, adamant that I get one in before they come over for dinner. It doesn't always happen, and it doesn't break my heart when I can't shower right away, but I'll make an effort to squeeze even a quick shower in if I can. I've always taken my showers later in the day, and I can't see myself changing anytime soon. They're not all long showers either, so don't send me some mean comment about how I'm wasting water. I'm quick enough.

Some people dance in the rain. I admit that, yes, I've danced in the shower. :)

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