Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Mighty T-Shirt -- and why Jaggy shouldn't be let loose in a craft store...

I've been ridiculed quite a bit recently for my fashion sense. Some call it too "northwesterny" and others call it "un-girly." While it's definitely not haute couture, it works for me. Okay, it works with my budget and for my body type. The rest is all fluff anyway, right?

My blog is peppered with rants and raves about different types of jeans and shirts, and I've occasionally lamented about how hard it is to find a properly fitting t-shirt. I like them to be moderately heavyweight fabric, slightly longer in the waist, have a small neck (not tight though), and have full sleeves (none of that cap sleeve crap). Normal! Like a normal t-shirt. Oh, and I wear an adult small. You'd think these shirts are everywhere, but they're not. They're either ultra-thin (it's a matter of pride to wear them out, not to buy them pre-holey!), ultra-short, or ultra-ugly.

BUT! I found the perfect t-shirts at the new Michael's craft store in Corvallis. The store opened last weekend, and I've been dying to check it out. Guess what! Jerzees t-shirts in all sorts of colors that FIT! They're awesome! Oh, and the best part: 2 shirts for $5. SCORE! I bought four of them, blowing the entire clothing budget for next month. I can buy some iron-on transfer paper at the store to run through my inkjet printer and make my own designs. Ooooooo, the ideas are flowing!

Okay, that was way too many exclamation points in one paragraph. I apologize.

Anyway, my only comment about fashion and the people who like to pick on me, well... take a long, hard look in the mirror. You obviously aren't wearing Sirop or Lacroix, so you don't really have a leg to stand on. Oh, yeah, by the way, I do know haute couture. And I couldn't give a rat's ass that you don't like my t-shirts.

Michael's is a great addition to Corvallis. I'm sure I'm going to hear all about not supporting "local" craft stores, but the craft stores here never had what I was looking for anyway. Too many times I found myself scouring Albany, Salem, and beyond just to get decent products at acceptable prices. Who can argue with a whole AISLE of cake decorating supplies? My friends are going to become so fat...

Did I mention insanely cheap good t-shirts? *angels singing*

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