Sunday, April 13, 2008

Peterson's Butte Hike (Pictures)

Looking Up

Looking at what?


tkn said...

that stuff is the lichen loberia pulmonaria.

that's cool that you had an opportunity to hike up Peterson's butte. I always wish I could when driving by.

It would be a great gift to the community if they donated the land for a park.

Jeff said...

Hey, I saw this hike in the Albany Democrat Herald, and was looking for info on if anyone could hike this. Sounds like it's private property? FYI, the paper has a picture of two of the guys in your picture...

Jaggy said...

Thanks for the info, tkn! You're right, the landowners could open up the trails and maybe make some money, but they've been good stewards of the land. I'd hate to see all of their work trampled by a careless bunch of hikers.

Jeff: the ADH photographer ascended really close to me, so I'm sure he and I have a bunch of the same photos. We split apart near the top, and he was long gone when my dad and I descended. Yes, the land is private property.