Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Talking about Thinking

One-on-one conversations recently have yielded some amazing personal growth. I love having discussions about thought and philosophy, especially practical philosophy (not the unanswerable topics like "what is life?" but more like, "why do we behave like this?").

Tonight, as I was sitting down to write a very different post, an old friend/roommate called me to say he was in the area. He stopped by, and we ended up talking for a couple hours. We're different people with different outlooks on life--those differences don't stop us from recognizing the value in each other and respecting each other completely.

It's a bit weird, though, to think that I lived with him for three months and still find myself amazed by his depth of thought. He's fun to talk to, not because of his listening skills, but because of his ability to create more and deeper conversation. His listening skills are fine, though, not to put those down. He makes me think, and I hope I help him think a bit too.

Now that he's gone home for the night, I'm still thinking, and maybe I'll figure myself out later... at the moment, though, I see some ice cream in my future.

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