Monday, May 12, 2008

The Boyfriend Chronicles: #8

His giggle stole my heart. His boyish charm and keen sense of humor had me, too. But he refused to date me. I wasn't like all the other girls, and we had differences of opinion about some big stuff. In the end, those differences were not the things that spelled our demise. It just didn't work.

Chris and I met in Lindy Hop class (you can read about that here), and we didn't talk much the summer after class let out. He was in Europe, and I was looking for a job. Six months later (with him stateside and me employed), we started hanging out at dances. Our Lindy rhythms clicked amazingly well (even today), and one talk led to another. I told my mom I'd never date him, though. And he said he wouldn't date me either. Flat out, just said it. So I stacked the deck. I gave him every reason to want to date me. Whatever I did worked (sorry, Mom). We started dating!

The relationship was fantastic. We got along very well, and we laughed often. But eating together was a chore since we like opposite foods, and while we enjoy the same kinds of movies, we didn't get much time to watch them. He was always busy, had tons of other friends, and liked to go wild on the weekends (casually, not crazy). My ho-hum attitude didn't quite mesh with his lifestyle. Still, the laughter was awesome. I loved being able to be myself with him.

Two months later, I got a call asking if we could talk. An hour later, we were both single. I wish I knew what prompted the end, but it doesn't really matter. We were terribly different for having so much in common. I thought I could see things working out better than they did, and it really hurt when we broke up. I hadn't let someone that close to me in a long time. The wave was great while it lasted...

Our relationship lasted a short two months, but in that time I grew miles. He forced me out of my narrow social bubble into the wide-open world of people. As a result, I'm far more outgoing now than I ever was. He's even amazed at the progress. I can't say I eat any more foods, but I'm working on a few. Chris and I still talk often. I dance with him when I can, and I enjoy laughing with him. We make good friends, and I'm glad that we're both able to be okay with that status.

Thus draws a conclusion The Boyfriend Chronicles. Hopefully I won't have to add any more guys to the list! Now about The Engagement Report... I'd love to write that one. ;)

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