Saturday, May 10, 2008

Down, Bad Boys

He's the dream every woman wants: black leather jacket stretched tight over a crisp white t-shirt, worn blue jeans, and rugged looks that could kill. He's the bad boy exuding untamed masculinity. He's the guy with a motorcycle, a gun on his hip, and a cigarette that doesn't hurt anyone. He's too cool for everything, and he knows it.

It may not come as a shock to anyone, but my ideal guy is anything but a "bad boy." I like motorcycles, sure, but they have drawbacks just like everything else. The tough guys don't open up or want to have real conversations. They don't tell you what they're doing, and they don't try to include others in their plans. All that manliness and testosterone can't be good for a person, and I certainly wouldn't want to live with it.

Now I'm not going after the opposite either. I like confidence and the ability to make a decision, of course! I'm not really a romantic, and I don't want to be showered with gifts all the time (that much more to garage sale later, right?). But I can't handle a guy who clings to me, who worships me, who lives solely for me. I don't care to be quoted poetry, and I certainly don't want a guy who knows more about fashion than I do.

I don't appreciate the typical gender roles. I'm not into guys who pretend to be cool, smooth, suave dudes, and I don't like it when a guy is girly. To me, it's more about respect, balance, and compromise. Bottom line: when it comes to guys, I'll take an altar boy over a bad boy any day.


cm0978 said...

So do you know that Mr. Wonderful WAS an altar boy for many years?

Jaggy said...

I had to drop him hints every once in a while, and this post was one of those subtle "only he'll get it" posts. He'd told me a long time ago, and I had to use the information to my own benefit somehow...

and look where it got me!

(P.S. He just looked over my shoulder with a snicker, "manipulative, that's what women are...")