Monday, May 19, 2008

Rave Dance

For the rave-themed dance, I decked out my costume/clothes in many glow-bracelets (glo-bracelets, whatever). When I got home, they were still glowing strong, so I attacked them with my camera. The first picture is a 15-second exposure where I took several 2-to-5 second shots and moved the camera around with the shutter open.

The second picture was achieved much the same way, but instead of following a pattern or line, I simply moved the camera around in many short, choppy movements for about 2 seconds each.

The last picture was a fun set-up. I stacked all of the bracelets up into a line and allowed them to fall over to one side. After that, I set the camera at the open end and left the shutter open for about five seconds. As you can see, the liquid doesn't fill the bracelets entirely (otherwise they'd burst when you crack them to light them).

In all, I took pictures for a good half-hour. Not often do I get to play with a photo wherein the subject provides its own light. Lots of fun, and I think they're pretty!

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