Monday, May 26, 2008

Meeting the Parents

The longest drive ever. Nerves going haywire. Panic hiding on the edges of every thought. This was "meet the parents" weekend for both my boyfriend and me. The hardest part is over now, though, and I think we sailed through unscathed. Unfortunately, that's not what we were thinking before or during those precarious moments.

We didn't really plan things this way, but sometimes the things you plan and reality turn out differently. On Saturday, I was planning to have a quiet evening with some girlfriends, but since the boy's car is in the shop, he needed a ride back to town. I offered to retrieve him from Salem. He tried to set up dinner with some of his friends, but that wasn't in the cards. As fate would have it, I met up with him at his parents' house, and then we all went to dinner. Cue interview questions... I'd worked out a few good answers in my head on the drive up (because explaining to people what I do all day is like pulling teeth for me). In the end, I found his parents to be gracious and welcoming. Dinner was great. I'm very glad I had the opportunity to meet them.

My parents' planned weekend out of town didn't happen either. Fate, doing it's ornery thing, would have us in Lebanon while my parents were home. We drove over in the early afternoon and went hiking at McDowell Creek Park (one of Jaggy's favorite places in the world). The water was pretty high still with the recent sky irrigation. We hiked all over, even to the top of the high falls (~gasp~ too many stairs ~pant~). The overcast day kept things cool, and I am so glad he was able to visit this small slice of what I call home. We drove back to town and out past my family's farm before looping back to my parents' house. Then, after brief introductions, I dragged him away for a walk down to the riverbank along the South Santiam. Even though the water was very, very high for this time of year, we were able to find a dry bank to sit on and view the river. Mom had dinner ready just as we got back. I couldn't (and wouldn't dare) say a bad thing about Mom's spaghetti... other than that I'm still mad that I can't replicate it. My boyfriend even made Dad laugh (bonus points), so I have a feeling things went very well. We were back in town for church Sunday night, both of us tired from hiking and having our bellies full.

"Meet the parents" weekend is over. It's amazing how much you re-examine in these kinds of moments. I learned a lot about my boyfriend and myself in two days. I'm not sure I'd trade that for anything.

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