Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Blogging Process

People have asked me where my blog post ideas come from, and I can't give a quick answer. I'm inspired by history, by good conversation, by funny events, and by movies. If I'm having trouble fleshing out a post, I'll go take a shower and stew on it in there. Unfortunately, some of what I come up with in the shower doesn't stick in my head long enough to hit the blogosphere--though I'm sure it's best sometimes that it doesn't. This blog would be much more terse and pointed if I didn't sit on things for a bit.

Writing my posts can be an adventure. Sometimes I write the whole post in one shot. I sit down and the words fly off my fingers like pearly bits of un-wisdom. Other times I'll write my thoughts in an outline form with simple phrases and reminders. Either method works, but the second method probably results in better posts. Once in a while, I'll visually draw out how I want my post to be organized, and even more rarely I'll piece together more than one post to make my thoughts coherent. I'm not a fan of more than two drafts, though. Too much work!

Sometimes I jot down notes on post-its or index cards and keep them for later that way. I always have a little index file with me and a pen so I can take notes about subjects I want to write. Many of the notes never make it into full posts. They're still sitting there waiting to be fleshed out.

I don't keep a huge log of posts waiting to be published. Usually I write the post immediately before posting. Occasionally, I'll write two posts at a time and save one for another night. Rarely will I have more than five finished posts on the back burner. However, I do write posts that I have no intention of publishing. I probably have fifty drafts or completed posts that will never become part of the blogosphere. They're musings, rants, and silly thoughts I had to get out but don't necessarily want anyone to read. I know I'm not alone in that department.

Even though I love writing and do so every day, writing is not always easy for me. I struggle to get the words out the way I want them to read. On some days, the writer's block and inability to sound intelligent overwhelms me. Blogging is always an effort, and it's also a labor of love.

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The Guy Who Writes This said...

I always jot down ideas. I made a round trip to Seattle today and came back with a new horse and six articles (yet to be written).