Tuesday, May 06, 2008

One More Chapter in Our Lives: from Friends to Coworkers!

I have written this post twenty times in my head, and now I can officially say it aloud:


My dear friend was offered a new job today, so she's leaving the forest for greener pastures, literally. She'll be joining me where I work, though in a vastly different capacity. I'm incredibly excited, proud, and honored that The Powers That Be have chosen her for the job.

A position opened several months ago in my department, and Rachel decided to throw her hat in the ring to see what would happen. I didn't think much of it... she has a related degree, but I figured my bosses would be looking for someone with tons of experience and knowledge about what we do. As the pool of candidates narrowed each week, I realized that Rachel stood more of a chance than I thought. Mind you, I knew she had applied, but I didn't tell anyone at work that I knew her. Two coworkers figured it out on their own (hmm, two girls who graduated from the same smallish high school in the same year... so hard to figure out). I was not part of the interview process, and I kept quiet as long as possible. I even took the day off when she interviewed so that things would be less awkward--plus I had vacation to burn and things to do, so it all worked out. Finally, the day after the interview, coworkers came up to me having figured out that we know each other. I thought it was hilarious, but I think it made things a bit weird for everyone. They all became very hush-hush about things, and I respect that.

One of the biggest reasons I'm excited to have Rachel working with me is that I'll finally have someone at work close to my age. With one exception, my coworkers are all at least twenty years older. I'm not complaining--remember, I worked in a retirement facility for five years, and I like working with people older than me. It can be trying, though, when I'm trying to relate to people and use an example about some pop culture reference that they don't get. Having Rachel around should help me to feel less like a nerdy young whipper-snapper. Or something. ;)

I can't tell you exactly what she'll be doing without telling you where I (we!) work, but we won't be working side-by-side. I'll be in the office all day like usual, and she'll be out of the office doing outside stuff. I have no desire to be outside in the sun, and she has no desire to be tied to a desk: zero job competition. We'll see each other every day, and we might even have lunch together occasionally, but we'll have a different boss, and we have different duties entirely. I think it'll be good.

Rachel can move back to the valley, move back near her family, and will be able to spend more time with her fiancé. For those reasons alone I'm ecstatic. Everything else is icing on the cake.

Congratulations, again, friend. I'm so incredibly pleased.

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Jeff W said...

Cool! I'm glad she got the job. That will be fun for you guys and she will be able to work near where her family (and family-to-be) lives.