Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Post for the Women

Changing a woman's personal hygiene product is a bad idea, just in case anyone was wondering. The research involved in finding the perfect products can be everything from uncomfortable to downright embarrassing. I know. I've done a lot of research.

Brand loyalty is one thing. I tend to buy the same brands of jeans and shirts and shoes. When it comes to those items, however, brand loyalty doesn't quite cover how I feel. I will only buy certain brands, no exceptions allowed. It's not about buying the most expensive or cheapest or prettiest product: I want something that gets the job done.

It's not like I'm against improving a product either. I'm all for updating design, as long as it doesn't compromise function. Like changing the color of the box: it's okay if you go from green to dark green... but when I walk in the store and can't find what I'm looking for because you changed the entire color scheme, I'm going to get frustrated!

Free samples are nice, though, and I appreciate companies allowing me to do research on their products without having to pay for them.

My one other gripe: inside every box of tampons, there is a little instruction sheet. I realize that there is a first time for every woman, but once you know, you don't forget. Why do we need to have the instruction sheets inside EVERY box? Can't there be a single "starter kit" or something with the instructions and then just regular boxes for the rest of us? Think about all the wasted paper and ink... and you know it's not going to be recycled. Because really, why would you have a recycling bin in the bathroom?

I hate it when they change my products. That is so not cool.


Jen said...

Yes, it is very important to leave the same design. You can't send anybody to the store to get what you need without actually giving them the old packaging. And if the packaging changes, than even the smartest eyes can be deceived.

Jen said...

Great idea about the starter kit!