Saturday, May 03, 2008

Potting a Gazillion Plants, and other things

Maybe not a true gazillion, but it felt like it. I went to Lebanon this morning to help Rachel and her family pot dozens of flowers for her wedding. The ceremony will be at home, so the family is trying to make the garden and yard look pretty. We planted blue and white flowers everywhere. Rachel had spray-painted fifty terra cotta pots royal blue, and we put little white flowers in each one. I haven't much experience potting flowers, so today I got my full education. We also planted larger pots with several flowers in each one. It was definitely a workout, but I had a good time.

Sometimes I look at my friends' families and I don't see anything like what I'm used to. I don't hear the same conversations or the same types of relationships. I really like Rachel's family for perhaps this reason: her family reminds me of mine. Her grandmothers are just like mine, and her parents respond to her just like mine respond to me. I enjoy that kind of familiarity. I like seeing where my friends come from, and now (even after so long!), I know one more awesome thing about Rachel.

My morning dawned with Roth's maple bars, mmmmm. I was also able to spend some time visiting my parents. After hanging with Rachel all morning, I was able to go back to my parents' house and play their Wii while they were gone. I am still awful at video games... but I had fun trying (with nobody there to laugh at me).

If ever I tell you I enjoy driving on highway 34, remind me of today, k?

Once I got back to Corvallis, I stopped at Jo-Ann Fabrics and bought two yards of light blue cotton plaid, complete with shiny threads woven in, for $8. I ran into Michael's to get some beads and some silk flowers. For a grand total of $12, I'm redecorating my bathroom! Tomorrow I'll have to do some sewing and some serious hand-beading, but the new pieces should work nicely with the existing shower curtain's pretty colors (light blue, lavender, and very light green). I think I need to paint a picture to hang up in there... that'd be nice, too.

So today I got to spend quality time with another family, got to investigate a rather new form of entertainment (Wii=whee!), and started two new craft projects. Oh, and I had maple bars, watched a great movie, and managed to get over a bad headache. I did a bunch of laundry, and I even had time to eat a good dinner. I call it a day well spent. :)

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