Sunday, May 18, 2008

Rave Reviews (of friends and dancing)

Yesterday was incredible start to finish. I had more fun than I've had in eons, and I can only hope the trend continues. My fantastic day was not due to incoming funds, glamorous events, or any special occasion. In it's simplicity and honesty, the day (though entirely too warm) was perfect.

My afternoon included lunch out and looooooong conversations with Matthew. He drove up from Eugene to spend part of the day with me. Because his wife was busy, we were able to hang out more or less by ourselves. While I would have, in no way, minded if his wife had joined us (she's pretty awesome), I must admit it was nice to have him to myself. He's me best bud, and our conversation was really fun. I've missed being able to talk about anything and everything without worrying how what I say is being interpreted. That kind of friendship is rare, and I feel so lucky he's been a part of my life since childhood. Well, until he started playing the piano and made me feel like a musical dunce... such talent, such skill... ugh. But I'm so proud if him!

After he left, I threw together a costume for the dance that night. Emily came down for the dance and met me at my apartment. We got ready, ate a quick dinner, and headed off for what amounted to an incredibly warm building full of already-sweating dancers. I met up with another old friend at the dance and was able to reconnect with him as well. Talk about good people all around me... yesterday was out-of-this-world wonderful. :)

The dance theme was "Technicolor rave." My costume was odd to say the least. I studded my parachute pants and white t-shirt with safety pins, smeared thick black eyeliner on my eyes, and attached as many glo-bracelets as I could to myself. I had twelve bracelet rings hanging off the bottom edge of my shirt, one off either pocket on my pants, two or three on each arm, and two glo-necklaces around my neck. It would be safe to say I lit up the dance floor in my own special way. HA! Oh, and my hair looked wet all night thanks to a generous helping of pomade (and sweat, sure). All of my rave research paid off, and I thought my look was pretty good. A few people had incredible rave costumes, but with my budget, I'm not displeased.

And to top it all off, I actually think I danced pretty well. I relaxed into the songs, found a beat, and felt like a dancer. I don't do that much: my body is not a dancer's body, and I certainly don't move like a dancer. I still don't identify as a dancer. I don't even refer to myself a dancer. Last night, either the stars aligned, or I was on a super-high from the recharging of great friends... Jaggy got her groove back.

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