Monday, May 05, 2008

A Refreshing Change from New Perspectives

Variety is a rare occurrence for me, and I don't do it well. Yesterday, though, I made a point to do everything differently than I ordinarily would. I didn't have my morning waffles, and I didn't drink my 9am pop. I washed some dishes by hand when I'd usually stick them in the dishwasher. I did laundry on a Sunday--it's usually done by Friday. I crafted something new, then tore it apart and started over. I watched a movie in a genre I typically don't. I went shopping someplace I don't go to often. I wore clothes that don't match, and I left a project unfinished.

Today, I had a turkey sandwich instead of peanut butter. I answered the phone differently at work. I switched the order of my work around, and I talked to people I normally wouldn't. I folded my sheets tonight fresh and warm out of the dryer instead of letting them sit there to wrinkle for a few days. I made regular macaroni and cheese for dinner (I prefer the shaped noodles), and I didn't put applesauce on it (though it was on the side, of course). And before a late shower, I cut my own hair.

Even more than all of that, I find myself listening to a musician I'd never heard of. My favorite kind of music is hard to describe, but I found someone else who understand the fantastic world of slow, lyrical, jazzy ballads over a simple melody. It feels really nice to listening to something new. I'm having fun trying on the different songs, closing my eyes, and going for the lyrical ride. As a pianist, little could be better.

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