Friday, May 16, 2008

Shirtless O'Clock

That's the time of day when it's too hot for clothes. Back in college (oh so many years ago, lol), my roommate and I would get home from class or work, strip down to our jeans and bras, make frozen hard lemonades, and sip them in the stagnant air of the front room. Sometimes our male roommate would come home and find us both lounging in our bikini tops and shorts on the couch, drinks in hand, and he'd grab a beer and join us. Shirtless o'clock is a great time of the day.

Today, I'm not so lucky to have awesome roommates with which to share my overheated woes. It's 85° in my apartment with no AC to be found and warm air filtering through a screen-covered window. My parents graciously sent an oscillating fan over via my sister today, and I stripped down to linen pants and a tank top (THANK YOU!). Jaggy does not fair well in warm weather.

In other news... blah, it's Friday, the week is over, and I've done nothing important outside of work. There is an ice-cold root beer ready and waiting, and instead of filling myself with the frothy wonderfulness, I'm blogging. Because I'm too hot to move.

Is it shirtless o'clock yet?

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Jen said...

It is still to hot to move in my house, and I'm just getting to the point where I might be able to sleep without breaking a sweat.