Saturday, May 31, 2008

"So, Jaggy, what did your parents think of your boyfriend?"

I took my boyfriend to meet my parents last weekend, and all of my friends have asked me that question. They all want to know if my parents liked him, what they thought, what they said... I hate to let people down, but my parents didn't really say anything. Here's why:

If I asked my parents what they thought of him, and they responded, "We don't like him," how is that going to impact my relationship with them or him? Do I have to break up with him simply because my parents don't like him? Do I have to avoid my parents if I choose to stay with him?

If I asked my parents what they thought of him, and they responded, "We really like him," but after a few weeks/months I decide I don't like him anymore, am I obligated to give him "one more chance" simply because they do like him? How much weight do I need to put on what my parents think?

My parents don't say much about the guys in my life. They trust me to find quality people and spend my time being happy with those around me. They don't feel the need to approve every friend, and I don't feel obligated to introduce every friend to them. Yes, "meeting the parents" is a big step, and I really wanted my boyfriend to meet my parents. Family is incredibly important to me, and where I came from is a huge part of me. Taking him home is one way of sharing another part of me with him.

In any case, things did go well. I'm glad we had the experience, that the first meeting is over, and that my parents do like him. I mean, c'mon, how could they not? :)

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