Thursday, May 29, 2008

Trying to Become Un-Smelly

On most days, my goal is to simply not smell. I don't care if I smell good as long as I don't smell bad. If I shower every day and don't get too sweaty at any point, this is absolutely not a problem. But, I enjoy hiking and dancing and being generally active enough to get icky and stinky. Sure, I'm a girl, and I "glisten," okay?

Lately, my usual deodorant isn't working with me. Either I'm allergic to it, or the product has expired or sat on the shelf too long or something, but ~tears in the eyes~ oh my! I love the smell for about ten seconds, and then WHAM! horrible stench. I tried tossing the older product for a newer version of the same thing, but the smell is still awful. SO! Now that you know entirely too much about my personal life...

The good news is that I have switched to something different. It's actually cheaper and has a very good rating on EPA's Skin Deep website. The site rates different cosmetic and personal care products for safety of use (both men's and women's products). As someone sensitive to skin care products (stupid "fragrance" and "organic" ingredients), I've had to learn the hard way too many times that I can't use one product or another. I was very, very excited to find that my new antiperspirant is well-rated and safe for me to use. Most of my make-up rated well, also. It's kind of comforting to know that sort of information.

Before I forget: please don't send me remedies or suggestions that Tom's of Maine deodorants are "the best." The "natural" products are the ones that seem to make me smell worse. Secret and Dove deodorants also react with my skin. As a social dancer, that's bad. However, if you have tried a product that does work for you, let me know! Oh, and yes, guys, I'm sure your products work great, but in case you missed it, I'm a girl. I use GIRLY products.

I really don't like the word "girl."

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