Friday, May 23, 2008

Un-Magic 94

There should be a law against playing the same 100 songs over and over and over every day. All day at work, my boss keeps a radio in her office tuned to 94.5 KMGE, "Magic 94." I used to like this radio station, and I have to admit they do a good job of keeping people updated during inclement weather or other breaking news stories. But the music never changes. About 2pm every day, I feel like taking The Eagles to their limit one more time...

Not only that, but the music is down very low. If it's quiet in my office, I can usually hear the music okay. When the phone rings or something happens to cause other background noise, I can only hear the bass line and maybe some high vocals. Sometimes I'll think I'm hearing one song and pop my head closer to the door and realize I've been humming a totally different song in my head than the one that's actually playing on the radio. I know, I'm so weird.

In the afternoons, when I'm not required to answer the phone every time it rings (we job-share that duty, sort of), and when it's not busy, I plug in some headphones and only use one ear piece so that I can hear what's going on around me. Wednesday, I was listening to some swing music (getting in the mood for dancing, of course) when I unplugged my headphones to go home for the day. Just as I unplugged them and the music stopped, I could hear the same song coming from the next office. Talk about scary and funny at the same time...

Sometimes I get home at night and can't wait to sit in a quiet apartment without the constant droning of the radio. Is that normal? I don't know, but I don't much care if it means not having to listen to any more soft rock and the Backstreet Boys.

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