Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Dentist's Prize Box

I've never liked going to the dentist. When I was little, however, going to the dentist was made a tiny bit better via the Prize Box. When the evil man finished scraping, polishing, sealing, and picking at my teeth, the nice receptionist would lead me over to a wicker basket full of toys. I could only pick one, but after ten years of prizes, I managed to get a lot of toys! Among the better toys I brought home, a few really stand out:

-rubber bouncy balls (I think Mom has sole custody of these now)
-balsa wood gliders (which all found their way into the neighbors' yards)
-paper doll books (burned, torn, or tossed)
-plastic rings (now residing on my elementary school's playground)

But the one toy I still have and still use: rulers! I somehow managed to snag three 7" rulers that are square in shape, approximately 1/4" on each side. These three rulers followed me through grade school all the way to college and beyond. I still have all three, and I've used them more times than any other ruler in my desk (including the big metal one with the cork backing). I used to have a few plastic rulers that had stencils inside them, but those broke quickly. I might have one or two somewhere deep inside my desk drawer somewhere--that wouldn't surprise me a bit.

They don't let adults take things out of the prize box at my newer dentist's office. :(

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