Saturday, June 28, 2008


In case you missed things looking slightly different on my blog, they do. Why? Oh, I just broke my own blog code late Friday night. I was tinkering around with the CSS and somehow managed to mangle things up pretty good. Just as I went to revert to my last save, I saved the bad code by mistake. And I have no back-up copy. Yeah. I'm an idiot. So I had to download the code again, tweak it as good as I could remember, and called it a night. Not happy with myself about it, but what can ya do?

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MissKris said...

Don't feel bad, sweetie. In my relatively early blogging days I thought I'd completely deleted my blog by mistake. 'Bout died a thousand deaths over that one! I'm still not even sure where it 'disappeared' to, but when my daughter got home from work and found me freaking out, she twiddled a bit with everything and `voila! There it was! I can still goof things up here and there, but I've gotten more computer savvy than I used to be, thank goodness. I am still hopeless with HTML, tho. HOPELESS!