Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday Night To-Do List

Since I will be gone from my apartment most of tomorrow and might be gone part of Sunday, I have quite the to-do list for this evening:

-cut my hair (yeah, I do that myself, and yes, I need to do it tonight)
-write a letter
-balance my checkbook (some of us young'uns know how to do that still)
-read at least a chapter in my book
-construct Dad's Father's Day present
-catch up on my Word Twist games on Facebook
-figure out how to operate an X-Box
-clean my apartment
-go grocery shopping
-return my cans and bottles
-two loads of laundry

I have less than four hours. It's going to be a long night! Maybe I'll have something more inspired tomorrow to write about. Maybe not. It's Friday, and I don't actually have to think again until Monday morning. Hallelujah!


Jeff W said...

Did you get an Xbox? Good times.

Jaggy said...

It's on loan from The Boy since my main DVD player decided to go all wonky. He finally brought over some controllers and Halo2, so I officially suck at video games (no excuse for no practice now). :)