Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's a wonder how I was able to climb my apartment's stairs...

Yesterday could not have been more busy. From 6:00am until 11:30pm, I was doing something. How much can be done in a day? This is as far as I was able to get:

-Pack car
-Breakfast on drive to Albany
-Unpack car
-Set up for garage sale
-Steal kitchen gadgets from Mom
-Run out of things to sell
-Visit other neighborhood garage sales
-Talk to Grandma and Aunt
-Take remaining items to Goodwill
-Drive to Lebanon
-Make two batches of homemade strawberry jam
-Clean up kitchen
-Wash car
-Vacuum car
-Clean bicycle, fill tires
-Squish bicycle into car trunk
-Visit other Grandma
-Buy gas
-Drive out to Waterloo
-Lose at two games of ladder golf
-Walk along river taking pictures
-Start fire, roast marshmallows
-Return sister to Lebanon, retrieve jam and extra strawberries
-Drive back to Corvallis
-Unpack car (again)
-Reassemble bicycle and find temporary place to store it in apartment
-Fall asleep at desk

I have to put this under the "Adventures" category. Yesterday was an adventure, and I feel so accomplished! I'm also sooooooore, tired, and have an incredible urge to go test Mom's waffle iron (it's all mine, all mine!).


BoggyWoggy said...

Your blog lay-out is beautiful! We must meet sometime, being that we're fellow Corvallisites. Keep working hard! It's so much better than watching TV!

Snookie said...

You forgot to mention that you talked to me...