Tuesday, June 17, 2008


100,000 hits came and went just after 5pm this evening. I happened to be my 100,001st (th?) visitor (hey, I'd just arrived home from work and had to see if it was even possible to be the 100,000th, okay?). The milestone has passed, and I feel pretty much exactly the same as before.

Work is going well, and I'm still enjoying quiet evenings home to myself after long days at work. I thought I'd dread coming home to no one, but sometimes it's nice to simply get away from everyone. I recharge, and I take time out to think.

I've been thinking about religion a lot lately. This weekend, I spent all day Sunday deep in church doctrine, philosophy, and the like. I had to look words up sometimes, and other things were easier to understand. I spent most of Monday evening rereading and solidifying ideas in my head. I am trying to be objective and look at Catholicism from both their and other perspectives, though, and I am trying to find material to read online and in print that reflects both sides' beliefs. I have friends who are Catholic, friends who were Catholic and left the Church, and friends who are Protestant all telling me different things sometimes, so I'm never sure what to think.

I've been eating more fruit lately... which is pretty weird since I don't particularly like fruit. I had an apple last night and a banana this morning. Just before blogging, I managed to un-fur a kiwi fruit and slice it into bites without mangling it too badly. A bit tart, but still good. Strawberries are on now, so I'll soon be eating myself silly on those. Watermelon come a bit later in the summer, so I have to wait (oh dear, sweet, wonderful watermelon). The only other fruit I eat are grapes. But I refuse to eat the ones in the store from Chile or wherever not from this country. I'm not very fond of fruit, though you wouldn't know it by my current trend.

And then there is sleep. I enjoy sleeping, and I feel like I need to be in bed right now. That's all. Until tomorrow... adieu!

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MissKris said...

Good luck on your spiritual sojourn. I grew up in a churchless home, my brothers and I being told if we wanted religion we could go find our own. My journey took me into 7 years' worth of delving deeply into the occult and satanism. Then I truly 'found' what I was looking for in the Christian realm when I was 22 and, 32 years later, I'm still there and have a deep love for God. So many people never follow the urgings you're feeling and it's sad. I think we're all born with that void within us that only a close walk with our Creator can fill. I hope you don't mind if I say I'm praying you'll have a successful journey in finding your 'niche.' And congrats on reaching 100,000...that's a wonderful milestone.